Keeping the Sabbath

Today's Gospel talks about "keeping the Sabbath."  Over the years, I think we've lost sight of that.

I remember when I was growing up everything was closed on Sunday.  Grocery stores, retail, everything.  Our home was not a religious one, so we didn't attend any kind of services.  Some of our neighbors did.

I remember as a little kid walking with my mother, another mom and a few of my friends to Lincoln and Belmont on a warm Sunday evening.  It would be a ghost town!  Back then, there was Woolworth's, Wieboldt's, Robert Hall and Goldblatt's as the anchor stores.  There were numerous little stores, too.  Dinkel's Bakery is one of the few that are left from that era.

Now everything is open, some stores 24/7.  It's crazy!  What happened?

I went back to work a few years ago and I've worked many a Sunday.  That worked out fine because we usually sang or attended Mass on Saturday.  But since I usually work on Sundays, I've seen what Sunday is all about and it's rarely about church.

Everyone is rushing around, trying to get ready for the "big game" or the brunch with friends.  Church is not a priority and it shows when you see how people treat each other.

When I decided to pursue the Catholic faith, my boyfriend (now husband) and I attended Mass together.  For him it was the earlier the better, but I convinced him that 11 AM Mass on Sunday was early enough!  I have rarely missed Mass since then.

When I read today's Gospel it occurred to me that my husband and I (even when we didn't sing in a choir) planned our weekend around Mass.  It has always been our priority.

Keeping the Sabbath isn't hard, but it takes some scheduling.  My theory is you'll pick the time that's most convenient and go from there.

One day a week, 45 minutes to an hour, spending time with Our Lord in real worship is all that He's asking.  The blessings and strength will sustain you the rest of the week.




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