Can you tell the difference?? Sacred music vs. secular music at Mass.

I have to be honest.  I have serious issues with the push for "sacred" music.  My husband and I have been reading a lot about the return of chant and not allowing certain instruments to be played in church.

We offered to donate an electronic piano to a church.  The parish wouldn't have to pay for it to have it tuned or worry about anything warping.  It had a range of different sounds.  But the choir director at the time sniffed that she didn't use "electronics."  My husband wanted to tell her she might have a problem with the organ if the electricity went out, but he kept his mouth shut.

I get that we are at the sacrifice of Our Lord and that Lent is the most solemn time of the liturgical year.  But the rest of the year, I really don't want to go to a funeral week after week either.  Don't we also "celebrate" Mass?


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