The Immaculate Conception

The first mystery of mercy is the Immaculate Conception, the prevenient mercy of the Father toward his little child ... This haste of love that anticipates allows us to "touch" the Father's mercy.  There is always haste in mercy.  When we see someone next to us suffering or crying, we feel sorry for him and rush to help him, immediately.  this haste is the very mark of mercy, the characteristic note in its execution:  haste is necessary.  On the other hand, mercy can anticipate; when it is perfect, it must in fact anticipate.  The Father anticipated the mystery of the cross to envelop Mary's heart and soul in his prevenient mercy ...

The Immaculate Conception anticipates what will happen for us later.  Thus it is important that we grasp, thanks to the Immaculate Conception, what is particular to the Father's mercy.  This mercy anticipates; that is, it envelops everything, victoriously.  It is a mercy that is victorious over evil, sin, and all its consequences.  In fact, it uses these to go further in communicating love.  The mystery of the Immaculate Conception allows us to understand how Mary is surrounded by the Father with greater tenderness and love than the love surrounding Eve before her sin.  Through this mercy, Mary is able to enter into a unique intimacy with the Father; she is the beloved little child, the smallest, the "Benjamin."  Is one not tiny when enveloped in mercy?  Only mercy makes us small.  Being faced with justice develops rights in us and therefore places us in an attitude which is directly contrary to the littleness of one who knows his fragility.

- Father Marie-Dominique Phillippe, O.P.


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