Good Grief! I'm the Polar Opposite of John the Baptist!

"He must increase; I must decrease" (John 3:30)

John the Baptist knew his place.  He knew his antics would cause attention to himself, but he also knew that once he had people's attention, he had to tell them that it was Jesus that he was paving the way for.  Lord knows they were confused.

I feel confusion this time of year.  My love for shopping and "stuff" is like a kid overloaded with too much sugar.  It's hard for me to calm down!  I know where my heart and spirit should be, but excitement over shopping and gift-giving takes over.

Part of that is because I have no memory of ever believing in Santa Claus and there was no religion practiced in our home.  Good grief!  I'm the polar opposite of John the Baptist!

Every Advent I try harder.  I spend more time in prayer and reading the things I need to keep me in a good frame of mind.  I try to keep the shopping and gift-giving in perspective.

But sometimes when I score a bargain, I can't help but do the happy dance:

Got Jesus!


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