An Open Letter to Maria Shriver from a Concerned Catholic

Dear Maria,

I have to preface this letter with the statement that I could care less (translation:  I don't give a rat's a$$) about celebrities, but I've been reading online that you are having second thoughts about divorcing your husband because of your religious beliefs.  As a Catholic, concerned about another Catholic, let me offer you some unsolicited advice.

Everything I've ever read or heard about you is that you are a deeply religious woman who spends time in prayer daily (I don't know about your husband's religious beliefs).  If that's the case, the Lord is probably guiding you in any decision you might make.  Remain in prayer and seek the advice of a priest.

I'm sure you have wonderful girlfriends who have offered and will offer a variety of solutions to your marital problems, but I think on this, you need to make this decision based on faith.

The news media fanfares of the latest "marriage" that has ended after only days or hours makes it appear that divorce is easy.  You've been married a long time and you took your vows and your marriage very seriously.  You know that even thinking about divorcing is an excruciatingly painful thing.

I remember your parents growing up in the 50's and 60's.  They were the icons and pioneers back then.  You come from strong stock and I hope your memories of your parents will help sustain and comfort you through this difficult time.

In closing, I will pray for you and if I come across another article about your decision, I will pray for you some more.

May God bless you.




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