Herod and the Holy Innocents: A Metaphor for Today

Today, on the Feast Day of the Holy Innocents we recall Herod's jealousy and rage as he sends out his thugs to rid the world of the baby Jesus.  Unfortunately not much has changed.  Here in Chicago, the killing of a child happens on almost a daily basis.

Now add to that the number of abortions and that will send what's left of your Christmas Spirit down the tubes.

And then there's the lost souls:  children (and adults) who were raised in a Catholic home who seem to be forever determined to rip the Catholic Church to pieces at every opportunity.  Now I'm thoroughly depressed because this tears at my heart more than anything.

We can view Herod as the metaphor for the outside world, determined to destroy the church at every opportunity.  And Herod doesn't have to be the blatant murderer either.  He can be a family member(s) or a friend(s) who in subtle and progressive ways tries to pick away at our faith.

So what do we do?  My husband and I were talking about this the other day.  We've decided to pray more for those who have left the Catholic Church (even though they still call themselves Catholic) and to pray for individuals who have completely turned their souls away from all things Catholic.  We will pray for those who are subtle in their attempts to pull us away from our faith, but we've also decided that on certain issues, we will take a stand.

We will stand with Christ's Church because our salvation is in Jesus Christ and not in anyone else.

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