Three Hundred and Sixty Five

Today's Gospel talks about all of us being invited to the wedding.  It will take a lifetime to prepare, but not all of us will do that.  I heard a priest say recently that the scariest words in the Bible from our Lord are, "I do not know you."

Today marks my 365th article, here at ChicagoNow.  After hitting the "submit your idea" button a year ago, I never expected the email I received that said, "We like your idea."

I also never expected that people from all over the world would read what I wrote.  Initially, my daughter enlisted her friends to like my page even if they weren't Catholic.  I couldn't afford ads, so I started posting as Being Catholic ... Really on different Catholic Facebook pages and slowly the "likes" moved up.

The biggest surprise, though, was the people behind those Facebook pages, that actually cared about my faith journey and often wrote encouraging words to me when I felt I had nothing to offer.  It was extraordinary!

As I look back over the last year, I have been blessed in many ways.  Writing about being Catholic has helped me live my faith.  The Facebook people who encouraged me, gave me insights into our religion that I don't think I would have if I wasn't writing and getting feedback from total strangers.

My husband and I talk about our faith all the time, but the blog also opened the eyes of my children into a new dimension of their mother.

So thanks to ChicagoNow for the opportunity and the other bloggers for their support.  Thank you to the Facebook people for your insights and help.  And to my husband and children:  there are no words.

And to quote one of God's chosen warriors:  "ONWARD!"


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  • I have been "Catholic" all my 80 years. However, as time has gone on and social media have brought so many different faiths (or lack of faith) to my heart's attention, I must admit my faith has changed. I still believe in a God...and I sill love the Catholic traditions and insights...but it becomes harder to believe that this man-made institution has actually crafted the right ideas God has tried to share with us. Like the new clarion call in Boston: "Keep the faith, change the church." Maybe some serious re-examination by the Vatican is in order. John XXIII tried but others have missed his message

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    Listening to Scott Hahn on EWTN has taught me that we don't have a man-made institution. I believe we have strayed due to our own lack of faith and the lack of good priests and bishops. My husband's grandmother told one of his cousins that the Church will fall due to it's priests & bishops and not the faithful.

    I guess because I'm a convert, my faithfulness is different. I came into it as an adult with eyes wide open. I lived much differently before I became Catholic and becoming Catholic changed me completely.

    I always enjoy your blog and appreciate you commenting on mine!

  • Hi Siblingless,
    The prophet Ezekiel records God's position on "man made institutions", chapter 8 is particularly telling as it begins on the 6th year 6th month 5th day. God lists down abominations, each more objectionable to Him than the preceding one(if You haven't looked into who Tammuz was, Google it), the last, most abominable thing was shown Ezekiel at daybreak the next morning 6/6/6 and involved sun worship, in a ceremony that looks an awful lot like Easter sunrise service.
    For a historical record of the "true Church" there is no book other than the Bible that comes close to Foxes book of Martyrs, it is public domain, and available here free:

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