Gov. Quinn is Just Following His Conscience: And So Will I Next Election

I couldn't be a politician.  I don't think I could represent "the people" that the politicians are always talking about.  I'm Catholic, and my campaign and the way I voted would be according to Church teachings.  I'm still on the fence with the death penalty, but I don't think I could tell someone to give the final injection or pull the lever that releases the gas or the current of electricity.

In an article in Friday's Chicago Tribune, Gov. Pat Quinn (of Illinois) has received a letter from the six Roman Catholic bishops requesting a face-to-face meeting on the governor's position on abortion rights and civil unions for same-sex couples.  It's kind of like being called to the principal's office.  Wouldn't you love to be a fly on that wall?

I don't know if our esteemed governor actually practices his faith.  Maybe he comes under one of the many categories of Catholics:  C.I.N.O (Catholic in Name Only), Cafeteria Catholic (pick and choose what you want to believe) or he's a Creaster (a Catholic who goes to church only on Christmas and Easter).

The governor has said he looks forward to a "robust dialogue" with the bishops, but that he will continue to "follow his conscience" when it comes to making decisions in his office.  He is also quoted as saying, "I want to make sure that everybody in Illinois, no matter what their faith, has an open door to the governor and can express their strong points of view.  They may not agree with me all the time, but I think they'll find I'm open to listening to everyone."

So why, as a Catholic, I feel like no one is listening to me?


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  • Quinn graduated the same Catholic HS I did (Fenwick)...I am assuming he learned the same things I did about (1) doctrine (2) conscience ....balancing the two ain't always Gov Cumo, he's trying

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