The Soundtrack of My Life

Dick Clark once said that, "Music is the soundtrack of our lives."  When a certain song comes on the radio, we all have that brief flashback of a time gone by.  Maybe it's a good memory or it could be a painful one.  You remember where you were and who you were with.  You remember all the words to a song that could be as far back as the 50's.

I have found that certain hymns are becoming my soundtrack.  During the week when our choir practices for Mass, sometimes the lyrics of a song will just stand out.  As I sing, the song becomes my prayer and I feel my faith strengthened.

This week, for Presentation, we will do the first verse of Lead, Kindly Light.  The words were written by John Henry Newman (1801-1890) and put to music by Steven C. Warner.  But it's the second verse that spoke to me:

Not always thus, I seldom looked for you,
I loved to choose and seek my path alone.
In spite of fear, my pride controlled my will,
Remember not my past, but lead me still.

As our days our shortened, and the gloom of evening comes upon us, lead kindly light, on through the night, on to Your radiance!


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  • Hymns are not the music of my life. However, I see that SOUL TRAIN is back on channel 23.2. Somehow, though, it is disco, certainly not how I remember it, nor how the BEST OF is advertised on various other subchannels.

    So, maybe the memories are better.

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