The Complicated Fight for Life

Father Frank Pavone is the founder and driving force of Priests for Life.  Father was suspended last month from public ministry outside the diocese of  Amarillo (but is still a priest in good standing) by Bishop Patrick Zurek.  The good bishop felt that the finances of Priests for Life needed to be looked into and that perhaps Father Pavone's ego was growing a little too big and he was ignoring his other priestly duties.

Father Pavone has obeyed his bishop, but he has also appealed to the Vatican.

The letters of support for Father Pavone have been pouring in.  I found this one from two names that may sound familiar.  Their heartfelt and astonishing stories bring to light how twisted things can get and how forever people view a person throughout history even when it's a lie.

It also shows how God can change hearts and how He uses His priests to do so.



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