My Husband's Voice

I think every married couple (no matter how long you've been married) tunes out their spouse's voice at one time or another.  You either know what's coming next or at those very rare times, you just don't care.  I'm always in rapt attention when my husband speaks, just like he is with me!  (Cough!)

When my husband sings, I'm all ears.  He has an amazing voice and when he sings in church, the hair on the back of my neck stands up.  Last week he had a bit of a cold, so we re-arranged the singing to accommodate him.

At Saturday's Mass, when the time came for him to sing the psalm, I held my breath.  Psalms can be brutal.  No melody, insanely high notes, and several words crammed together in a very short verse.  What are those writers thinking?

My husband opened his mouth to sing the responsorial and his voice filled St. Therese's Chinese Catholic Church.  I could breathe.  God's gift flowed from my husband's mouth.  When he finished and we sat down, I turned and smiled at him.  He smiled back with relief.

Yesterday he was coughing his head off.  He casually commented on the fact that he was surprised he could sing on Saturday.  But I knew the Lord really wanted to hear his voice.

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