It Was 29 Years Ago Today

... that I took my father's arm and walked down the aisle of St. Francis Xavier Church.


Waiting for me at the altar was the man who introduced me to Jesus and the Catholic Church.

Our Wedding

I remember a lot about that day.  I remember that the weather was around 65 degrees and sunny.  I remember the traffic stopping in both directions on a very busy street so I could walk across it to get into my dad's 1968 Chevy Nova.  He had insisted on driving me the block and a half to the church.

I remember looking into my soon to be husband's eyes and seeing the light of Christ.

The main thing I remember though, is not being nervous.  There wasn't a doubt in my mind that I was doing the right thing.


I suppose the obvious question is, "How did we stay married?"  Fr. John Corapi explains it better than I can:

"Husband and wife must make a decision, and this is the essence of authentic love; it is a decision, an act of the will, not mere feelings.  Feelings are part of it, but not the essential part.  Feelings come and go.  We must decide to love, 'in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, rich or poor, until death do us part ...'  We may well not feel like it at any point on the journey, but to remain faithful is a decision.  To will to sacrifice oneself for the sanctification of one's spouse and children is a decision -- it is true love." (From the book Ever Ancient Ever New, A Collection of Articles by Rev. John Corapi)


After converting to the Catholic faith, deciding to love, was the best decision I ever made.




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  • Congratulations, and many more happy years!

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    Thank you!

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