St. Jude: Superhero of the Saints

Patron saint of lost causes, desperate situations and hospitals, St. Jude of Thaddaus is the saint we turn to in despair.

Jude's letter was "written to warn against false teaching regarding what has sometimes been called 'cheap grace.'  Apparently the community was threatened by teachers who proclaimed that God's grace allowed them to sin freely.  Jude calls such people waterless clouds, trees without fruit, twice dead; wild waves of the sea; and wandering, stars, for whom the deepest darkness will be reserved (verses 12-13 Catholic Women's Devotional Bible NRSV)."

Sort of reminds me of what's going on in the church today.

I often recommend to friends this superhero of saints, especially when a loved one is suffering from cancer.  I have known people who clung to a medal with St. Jude's depiction while they slept while fighting cancer.  He brought them comfort and strength in battling their disease.

If you are able, visit this lovely shrine, or take a virtual tour.  It's a lovely place to bring your troubles and petitions.

For me, in my life, St. Jude waits in the wings.  I have been fortunate so far, not to need his intercession.  But I know he will be there for me, when and if I do.


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