Are We Really Selling Our Souls to Mark Zuckerman?

Reading the Tribune's article about whether we are selling our souls to Mark Zuckerberg got me thinking about Facebook in general.  I think it's pretty funny that people are complaining and threatening to shut down their accounts when, uh, the service is free!

I wouldn't be on Facebook if I wasn't doing this blog, so I'm kind of shrugging off all the "new changes" that are swirling around.  I rarely post on my personal page or check the news feed.  On my BCR page, I check frequently and look at my "likes," monthly users and news feed impressions.  I have gotten very caught up in the numbers.

One day I hit a "milestone" and did the "Happy Dance" as is my custom.

Got Jesus!

After posting Snoopy gleefully dancing in the love of Jesus, my "likes" numbers "flickered" and it appeared I lost a couple of "admirers."  Oh-oh!  So of course, I posted my unhappiness.  That's what you do on Facebook.

I had no sooner done that, when some of my readers were quick to point out that it was not my loss, but the loss of the ones who "unliked" me.  Others encouraged me to keep up the good work, one offered to "double-like," and one said that even though they had cleaned out their pages, mine was staying.

And all this from complete strangers.

None of this would even be possible without Facebook.  We connect with family and friends, old classmates, exes and co-workers.  Savvy priests and religious have figured out Facebook so that the Gospel can be spread to all corners of the world.  When I look at the breakdown of countries in my insights it's astonishing:

282 United States
23 Nigeria
13 Philippines
10 Canada
9 United Kingdom
8 India
6 Ireland
5 Malaysia
5 Singapore
4 Indonesia
4 South Africa
3 Kenya
2 Australia
2 Hong Kong
2 Sri Lanka
2 Norway
1 Belgium
1 Botswana
1 Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan?   This only happens because of Facebook!

When I posted about a particular low point I was experiencing, I received this from one of my readers:

"I can truly see that you have a burning desire to see all return to the table in full reconciliation with Our Lord.

As St. Paul says, 'Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.  For it is not those who commend themselves that are approved, but those who the Lord commends.' (2 Corinthians 10:16-17)

I am truly boasting in all the good work you have done to not only inform us but give of your time, talent and treasure.  Individuals such as yourself as truly magnificats to us laity, because we rejoice whole heartedly in the grace the Lord has given you and the work of the Spirit, making you an instrument of peace.

You are truly an example to someone such as myself, and if I boast, I boast in the work the Lord has done through you to spread the Gospel not only to the four corners of the world, but also the internet as well.  God bless and good luck with the blog.  Pax."

(By the way, I read this when I'm feeling inadequate about my writing.)

I don't think we are selling our souls to Mark Zuckerberg.  On the contrary, I think for Christians and Catholics we are saving souls by talking about our faith and spreading the Gospel in a way that none of us could have imagined!

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