Why Do We Have the Homeless?

They are everywhere.  On my way to work, coming home from work, in the store trying to shop, sleeping in the craziest places.  Just everywhere.  The homeless.  Why do we have homeless people in this country?

In the 70's I worked downtown and even then, there seemed to be a lot of homeless people.  There was an old woman who "lived" between the Wrigley building's two towers.  She didn't speak to anyone, but many people gave her money or bought her food.  She would nod in thanks and occasionally there would be a faint smile.

One day she was found dead.  Suddenly her family came out of nowhere.  They lived in another state.  She had children and grandchildren!  Many of the people who helped her were outraged!  You let your mother live in Chicago winters and summers without a roof over her head and a little heat and running water?

Without my knowledge, one of my neighbors lost her home.  She owed back taxes and the house was in such bad shape it was beyond repair.  She hid her situation very well.  I don't know what happened within her family, but no one helped her.  When the situation came to light, she stayed with us for a while and then found an apartment near by.

One day I picked her up for a doctor's appointment and I was shocked at her appearance.  She was completely yellow!  It was cancer and she was dead within a week.

And then her family showed up.  They bought back the taxes and sold the house.  It happened that fast.

What turns hearts so cold that you would turn your back on your own and let them live in squalor?  Jesus tells us that we need to feed and clothe the hungry, yet we still have the homeless.  Even our own families.

What's wrong with us?



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  • We have homeless because the fabric of the family in our society has been weakened to the point where it will be destroyed unless the problem is fixed.

    When it is acceptable to a society to kill the most vulnerable (unborn babies) in the place where they should be most safe in the universe (their mother's womb), and where artificial birth control is accepted, why would anyone bother with the homeless? If human life is so cheap, it shouldn't matter, logically speaking, what happens to anyone.

    And, yet, we are each made in the image and likeness of God, and are, therefore, due a certain dignity because of that. Human life is a sacred gift from the same God who died for us on the Cross. And many throw it back in His face, both by their actions and their attitude.
    Things become more important than people. They feel they NEED a large house, two cars, multiple TV's, big vacations, nice clothes, etc., over taking care of God's loved ones. How many people will go to no lengths to feed and care for a pet, yet walk past a homeless human being on the street?!

    The moral demise of a nation always precedes its ultimate demise. Unless we correct our errors, we are doomed to destruction as a nation and as a people. And in this electronic age, it's going to happen mighty fast.

  • In reply to Augustin58:

    It is so sad, but true. What bothers me most is the ignoring of a "family member!" That's your blood sitting on the cold cement all dirty and hungry! And you are right, it's happening very fast.

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