Three Angels and A College Dropout's Feast Day

Today is the triple feast day of Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael the only three angels with proper names in the scriptures.

While preparing to do research for the three angels I ran across another saint who shares today's feast day.

Richard Rolle (1300?-1349) was a college drop out and prolific writer about the spiritual life.  The following was written to his friend, Margaret Wolfe, who lived as an anchoress:

Love is an ardent yearning for God, with a wonderful delight and secularity.  God is light and burning.  Light illuminates our reason.  Burning ignites our yearning so that we can desire nothing except him.  Love is one life, coupling together the one living and the one beloved.  Meekness makes us sweet to God, purity joins us to God, and love makes us one with God.

We must strive to clothe ourselves in love, as iron or as charcoal do in fire, as the air does in the sun, and as the wool does in the dye.  The charcoal is so imbued with fire that the whole is fire.  The air so clothes itself in the sun that the whole is light.  The wool so essentially adopts the dye that it totally matches it.  In this fashion a real lover of Christ is to act:  his or her heart is to burn in love to such an extent that it will be turned into a fire of love, and be so to speak, entirely fire.  And he or she will so shine in virtues that no part of Christ's lover will be darkened by degenerate behavior.



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