The Giant Roach At the Side of My Bed

Not too long ago I was having a little trouble getting to sleep.  As I turned over toward our bedroom window, I imagined seeing a roach the size of a large dog under the window.  Antenna moving slightly.

Sounds like a horror movie doesn't it?

I knew it wasn't there.  It was my very vivid imagination in overdrive trying to calm down to go to sleep.  But for several days that roach sat under that window.

One night I really got creeped out about it, so I prayed, what I usually pray before I go to sleep (but with more urgency and fear):

Lord, I ask your Precious Blood Protection on this house, the five of us that we harm no one and no one harms us and I ask this in your name Lord Jesus.  And if there is ANYTHING in this house that isn't of you, from you or for you, I take authority over it in the name of Jesus and I bind it and rebuke it to the foot of your cross.  Amen.

I cautiously opened my eyes and to my utter astonishment was the image of not the roach, but our last dog, a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback!

I went to sleep and she has been there every night since until ...

I was searching images for yesterday's blog when smack in the middle of the page was the roach you see featured.  Yep.  He's back.  How do you Google an image for a  scripture verse and end up with a roach?

For those of you who think I've totally lost it, let me explain.  When I was a little girl, I was in our backyard with our dogs when a huge june bug got entangled in my hair.  The neighbors heard me screaming blocks away.  Since then, my aversion towards insects has become more intense.

When I was single, I lived in an apartment that became infested with every insect you can imagine.  I went down in the basement to do laundry one day when I noticed the floor looked like it was moving.  When I flipped on the light, the entire floor was covered with water bugs!  I moved out.

When I converted to Catholicism, I noticed I was less fearful.  Phonebooks were used to slam anything crawling  though there have been occasions where I have gotten one of my sons to "take care of business."

I've had encounters with evil before.  Real evil.  When I told my husband about the roach, he recognized the devil at work.

Mr. Roach better get out of my way.




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  • Reminds me of an old story we used to tell about when I lived in Louisiana. Folks around the office were bragging about how big the roaches were that they'd seen. When they asked me, I said, "Well, I don't know if our roaches are bigger than the ones here, but I remember waking up one morning when I was living down home in Louisiana, and there were a couple of roaches standing over my bed, discussing me. One was saying to the other, 'Well, Fred, what do you think? Should we eat him here, or take him home and eat him?' The other roach thought for a minute and shook his head and said, 'Well, Mike, we need to eat him here, because if we take him home, the big ones will get him!' :)

  • LOL!

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