Rules and Regulations by Jeanie Miley

Imagine that you are a Pharisee or teacher of the Law in Jesus' day.  Get in touch with that feeling of being right.  Feel the power in being part of the leadership of your religious community.  Savor the feeling of being both right and important.

See yourself approach Jesus in confrontation.

Stand with Jesus while he talks to you about the hypocrisy of keeping rituals but neglecting the most basic acts of human kindness and responsibility.  Hear him tell you that the person is more valuable than the Law.

For an instant, you let yourself remember how irksome the Laws have become.  Allow yourself to recall the people you have neglected while keeping your religious rituals.  You recognize that the great faith of your fathers has deteriorated into obsession with minutiae.  This man is speaking truth to you!

You know that you are standing at a difficult crossroad.  You can continue what you have always done, straining under the load of keeping hundreds of rules and regulations; or you can give that up and follow this man, Jesus.

Allow the Spirit of Christ to bring to your mind the ways you have hidden in religiosity and neglected love.

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