O You of Little Faith, Why Did You Doubt?

In today's Gospel (Matthew 14:22-36) Jesus reaches out to Peter and in faith, Peter walks on the water.  When Peter becomes frightened, Jesus reaches out and saves him.  Jesus also chastises him when he says, "O you of little faith, why did you doubt?"

Peter is the rock on which our church was built, but he had his doubts.  I guess we are all in good company.  There have been times when I have admittedly doubted Our Lord.  I was either scared, angry or just the spoiled child stamping my foot and demanding that I get what I wanted.  Like the disciples, I feel foolish and clueless most times.  I picture Jesus shaking his head while I go into my frenzy.  But I also imagine that there's a bit of a smile on his face while he patiently waits for me to come around to my senses.

My husband and I were talking today.  As soon as he started his vacation, his car broke down.  Just like last year.  My laptop gave out and I've been using his and I have been in a complete frenzied state!  But that's the little stuff.  We have a couple of friends who are dealing with cancer and mental illness.  That's the stuff where you truly reach out to Jesus and cling to His outstretched hand.

There is no doubt it will be there.

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