Don't Call Yourself a Catholic

You duped me, O LORD, and I let myself be duped;
you were too strong for me, and you triumphed.
All the day I am an object of laughter;
everyone mocks me.

Whenever I speak, I must cry out,
violence and outrage is my message;
the word of the LORD has brought me
derision and reproach all the day.

I say to myself, I will not mention him,
I will speak in his name no more.
But then it becomes like fire burning in my heart,
imprisoned in my bones;
I grow weary holding it in, I cannot endure it. - Jeremiah 20:7-9

Whoa!  Next time I'm ticked off at God, I'm going to look up this passage and just point to it!  I don't think I've ever recalled such angry words at God in the Bible, but I could be wrong.

My anger usually stems from frustration with other people, especially Catholics.  I find myself more patient with someone who is not Christian.  I can speak to them in faith to let them know that my face is the face of the Catholic Church.

I have had wonderful conversations with Catholics who disagree with the Church, but they also have a deep love for it and they wouldn't leave it.

But I have found myself in situations where I'm surrounded by Catholics, but it's very hard to believe it by the way they talk.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit takes over and intelligent words actually form and come out of my mouth.  Most of the time, I sit there seething, because I don't want to say what I'm really thinking:

Don't call yourself a Catholic if you really are not.  Don't call yourself a Catholic if you have no intention of ever going to Mass.  Don't call yourself  a Catholic if you demand to be married or want your baby baptized in Church, yet you're not willing to follow the rules and guidelines to prepare for those events and you have no intentions of attending Mass after the event.  Just have your party and be done with it.

I see no point in calling yourself  a Catholic when all you do is talk in a derogatory way about the Faith.  Don't call yourself a Catholic if you think all priests are pedophiles.

Disassociate yourself.  Call yourself anything you want, but don't call yourself a Catholic.  Because you're not talking or acting like one.

Okay, I feel better now!



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  • Well, there were Job and Jonah. Jonah complains on Yom Kippur that the Lord did not wipe out Nineveh, but took pity on its 120 thousand people and much cattle.

    BTW, is a Catholic supposed to blog on Sunday? Isn't it up to the Pope to excommunicate people?

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    In reply to jack:

    I'd like to weigh in on this one. Yes a person can blog on Sunday. Catholics are called not to do servile work on Sunday but to rest. Blogging about one's faith or anything else is primarily recreational.

    Oh, and a Catholic can and do excommunicate themselves 'latae sententiae' when they knowingly deny a doctrine of the Church. The pope can directly excommuniate someone if he finds grave reasons to do so. Usually a bishop's can excommunicate people or groups within their diocese. The excommunication can be appealed to Rome. In 1996 Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz excommunicated Call-to-Action (CTA) and nine or ten other dissident groups. They appealed the excommunication to Rome but it was affirmed.

  • Mm ... I didn't say anything about excommunication. Thanks for reminding me about Job, et al.

    I blog every day. It's just one of my many callings. ;-)

  • I'm not Catholic but some of my good friends are. These are people who were born into the faith. I'll make it a point to let them know that you think they're not Catholic enough and, if your opinion matters to them, perhaps they'll respond on their own.

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    In reply to cmanning1000:

    I know. I have a big nose but I need to stick into your comment. Just because people were born into the Catholic faith does not mean they follow it. Hitler was born a Catholic. What is happening today is many Catholics (I don't know that any of your Catholic friends are among them) deny one or more Catholic doctrines and then pass themselves off as Catholic. There are a bunch of Catholic dissenters that do so and it always rankles me that they write, blog, make speeches etc. and try to pass themselves off as Catholic.....they are not. They should refer to themsleves as dissidents, former Catholics, ex Catholics, cafeteria Catholics etc. But to be Catholic one must follow all the Church teaches as defined by Vatican I, Chapter 3, On Faith, paragraph 8.

  • Since I don't know you or your good friends, I wouldn't know if they were Catholic or not. I was speaking about people I know and my experience with them. Thanks for the comment and your friends are welcome to read the blog any time!

  • Thank you Siblingless for your essay. I stood by the sidelines for many years until I got tired of the undeserved, as well as the deserved criticism, hurled at the Catholic Church. Then I realized my own guilt for living as a Catholic in name only. Of course, I was welcomed back and I hope I can make up the lost time by being more generous in spirit to everyone.

  • In reply to sdowney:

    God held up a mirror and you actually had the courage to take a good look! That's awesome! I'm sure that your journey in faith will show others that you can go back and make a difference. You made my day! God bless!

  • I call myself a recovering catholic; I excommunicated myself when I got married in a Lutheran church. I hadn't wanted to. The Catholic Church not only wanted me to go to pre-cana classes, but special classes because the man I was marrying although catholic had parents who had divorced. Truly someone else's problem from my point of view. I've been married thirty years now and my children were not baptised. I miss the church and the rituals, but I don't see the point in paying for someone else's 'sins' when I have enough of my own.

  • How very uncatholic of you to judge others and determine who is Catholic and who is not? Who are you to say what is inside someone's heart and what kind of relationship they have with God? We should always pull the plank out of our own eye before we speak about others. I can go on an on....this is just terrible. Someone can say the same about you....why would any one want to show interest in Catholicism when there are Catholics like you who quickly fill their mouths with garbage when talking about others. You are being a perfect example what it is you are writing about. Next line should have read "Stop calling yourself a catholic if are quick to judge others solely by what they lack in regards to their personal relationship with God." Stop being part of the bad fruit on the vine!

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