The Rosary is a Place

I came across this great article by Jennifer Fulwiler on how she used to pray the rosary.  I say used to.  Apparently she missed the whole point of the rosary, which is to meditate on the mysteries.  Her mind would drift to her own life - not Christ's.

My story is similar to Ms. Fulwiler's.  Just like her, as a convert, it took me a long time to memorize the prayers.  After that I felt I was pretty well home free until recently.

I decided to pray the rosary on a daily basis.  I hadn't done that in a long time and I really felt that God was calling me to resume that practice.  My BFF (of 45 years!) sent me the rosary you see pictured as a gift so I had a brand new rosary and a brand new start.  So I thought.

I started praying in the evening and it seemed to be going well.  My mind would wonder, but I would get back on track.  Sometimes I would lose my place or once, I nearly fell asleep!

One particular day I went for my walk and decided to listen to Fr. Groeschel's beautiful recording entitled The Rosary Is A Place (and also The Rosary is a Luminous Place).  Ah!  Fr. Groeschel's distinctive narrative and Simonetta's beautiful vocals helped me stay on track.

Like Ms. Fulwiler, I realized what the rosary is for:  peace of mind and a better understanding of Jesus as I renew my relationship with Him through those prayers.

With a little help from an old friend.

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