The Black SheepDog: Changes and Future

Fr. Corapi's latest video as usual, has created quite a stir.  What I find rather humorous are the comments on the FB pages on his appearance!  Apparently the fact that Father's goatee is dyed (past pictures and videos show graying facial hair) is pretty appalling.  The fact that he wears a leather jacket in the video is also somewhat disconcerting to some.

He has not taken a vow of poverty and according to some, he owns property.  A lot of property.  A nice house, a boat, a car, etc.

Really?  THIS bothers them?  We have real problems in the church!

Every priest I've ever known has driven a better car then me.  I just always thought it was a trade off because they went home to an empty house at night.

I don't care that Father has money.  And as for the leather jacket?

I LOVE the jacket!  He rocks it!


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  • As my dad always says, some folks would complain if you hung 'em with a brand new rope. LOL

    I would be willing to bet you a dollar to a donut hole that the people complaining are the same people who didn't like him in the first place. Folks who cringe whenever someone stands up for the faith as it should be taught. Wanna bet? (Don't know how we'd ever prove it. I'm just sayin'...) :)

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