Sowing the Seeds of Friendship

As I walk I pray.  Sometimes random prayers:  Lord, thank you for this day that seems to be the same as yesterday, or just like the one last week, but is actually new and completely different, never to be repeated.

Sometimes I listen to the rosary as I walk.  I try and stay focused on each mystery and think about Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother.

Today I got a package in the mail from my best friend of 45 years.  It was a potpourri of goodies!  Three cans of Blue Diamond flavored nuts, a Harry & David Spice Rub Sampler, and a book:  50 Best Girlfriends Getaways in North America by Mary Best Bond.

Then there were two boxes.  I opened the smaller of the two.  Both had "Waterford Crystal" and the seahorse logo on the top.  The smaller box contained a lovely silver necklace of the seahorse.  My friend is familiar with my passion for jewelry!

And then I opened the larger box.  My eyes filled with tears when I saw the rosary.  My friend is not Catholic.  The fact that she would give me something that is so precious to my faith, left me a blubbering mess!

So when I walked today, I prayed for her in gratitude for a life time of friendship.



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