When I Am Weak

I don't think there is anyone who needs God's help and grace as much as I do.  Sometimes I feel so helpless and weak.  I think that is why God uses me.  Because I cannot depend on my own strength I rely on him 24 hours a day.  If the day had even more hours, then I would need his help and grace during those hours as well.  All of us must cling to God through prayer.

My secret is very simple:  I pray.  Through prayer I become one in love with Christ.  I realize that praying to him is loving him.

In reality, there is only one true prayer, only one substantial prayer:  Christ himself.  There is only one voice that rises above the face of the earth:  the voice of Christ.  perfect prayer does not consist in many words, but in the fervor of the desire which raises the heart to Jesus.

Love to pray.  Feel the need to pray often during the day.  Prayer enlarges the heart until it is capable of containing God's gift of himself.  Ask and seek and your heart will grow big enough to receive him and keep him as your own.  - Mother Teresa of Calcutta



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  • Mother Theresa of Calcutta emptied herself of self and was, therefore, filled with Christ! She exuded Christ. Those who met her said that all she could ever talk about was Jesus. "Jesus loves the poor." "Jesus helps the poor." etc.

    A famous English journalist, Malcolm Muggeridge, had studied the Catholic faith and knew all the correct answers to all the common arguments against the faith, but he could never come to conversion and join the Church. Then, one day, he met Mother Theresa, and BAM! He converted! She had imparted the faith that was inside her, to him. The faith is more imparted then given. It implies a more intimate process.

    Just thought I'd throw that in there. :)

  • In reply to Augustin58:

    That's a GREAT story! Thank you!

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