The Street Preacher: Do You Become Christian Because of Him?

In Saturday's Chicago Tribune there was an article about Rev. Frank Teesdale, pastor of Garfield Ridge Baptist Church.  The good pastor is an in your face kind of guy.

I touched on this subject in a recent blog of mine.  When I wasn't Catholic and not at all a Christian, I found this behavior ridiculous.  How can anyone take a person like this seriously?  Do you know anyone who has become a Christian through this method?
Years ago my daughter and her friends were downstairs when a nicely dressed young man came to the door.  My daughter's mistake?  She opened it.  He immediately went into his spiel about his faith and he wasn't hearing her at all when she told him she was Catholic.

She called me on the intercom and asked me to come downstairs.  When I got there, she was crying and her friends were near tears, but he defiantly stood in the doorway.  She briefly told me what was going on.  I smiled at him, thanked him for coming and shut the door in his face.

Another time when my kids were pretty young (I'll say under 10), they were all playing in my neighbor's yard with her son and their cousins.  My neighbor was washing dishes when she looked up and saw all the kids at her fence talking to two strangers.  She immediately flew out the door and asked the young men, "Can I help you?"
They assured my neighbor that everything was taken care of and that all the kids would be picked up by bus that following Sunday to attend their church!  My neighbor did not suffer fools lightly and she was an imposing figure.  She immediately told the evangelists that under no circumstances were those kids going anywhere with them and that they need to change their tactics.  Like asking to speak to an adult first before making any kind of pick-up arrangements.
When I became Christian, I knew I wasn't the type to go "door to door."  I might invite you to a church function because I figure you'll have a nice time, but I never understood "the in your face approach."  I watched my new Christian friends and learned by their quiet example.
My husband initially led me to faith while we were dating.  He lived his life in a way that made me curious.  And when I asked questions, he would answer in a way that made me more intrigued.
It was an easy decision after that.


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  • I can't say I've ever met anyone that became christian on a street corner because of a street evangelist. But I have heard of a coming apocalypse...

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