A Poem for Fr. John Corapi by Alberto Boccino

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, TO MY  SPIRITUAL FATHER.  7 years ago, you replaced my dad just a few months after he died, and your faithful Catholic Teaching replaced my lukewarm catholic misinterpretations.  This short poem is about the day in March when you first notified us of the Accusation:


I remember exactly where I was, on that dark Lenten day
One week after the Serpent, told the "Woman" what to say,
Only on two occasions past, did my memory serve so well
The day that JFK was shot, and when the Towers fell.

Having just attended Mass, enjoying espresso in the station

Westminster Cathedral lingered, it still filled me with elation,
As I switched my phone back on, a very desperate voice I heard
My nephew started reading me, those deep and shocking words ...

As tears welled up in both my eyes, they left and traveled south
I could taste the saline water, but no words would leave my mouth,
His voice so reminiscent, of some sad Old Southern Blues
then I cried just like a baby, as he killed me with the news.

I thought I saw a Headline, through my waterlogged red eyes
"Best Father has been murdered ... by the Worst Father of Lies"
But I had to see it for myself, no train ride seemed so long
Then gasping into my PC, "They've taken Father John!"

You tried some honest self-defense, but the Law laughed in your face
Now the Liberal Theologians, have put the Media in the race,
There must be more to this, than just a vengeful act of stalking
Vague and empty comments flowed, but no one was really talking ...

I recall  you said "Please pray for me," and I thought I did it right
Did I fail to stay awake for you, when the Burglar came at night?
So shocked and so bewildered, so lost and so confused
How could my preacher's honest trust, be so violently abused?

So at night I asked the Lord, "Why does it have to be this way?"
In my dreams He said to me, "Because the Devil knows His prey,
Your preacher's been His target now, for many many years
His mission is to stop My Word, from reaching Christian ears."

Things were clearer in the morning, after Mass and Adoration
So I thanked the Lord for giving me, His simple explanation,
I vowed that I would fast for you, to stop me getting mad
Unaware that this would lead to, the best Lent I ever had.

I can hear you from your silence, your voice still supersonic
To warn me that this war has moved, to the Realm of the Demonic,
But That doesn't scare me Father, you taught your student well
I'll just pray and do more penance, so we'll both stay out of Hell.

I owe you big time Father, I'm missing you so much
No preacher can my ears receive, not one my Soul can touch!
I was always a Sole Trader, until the day I heard your Witness
Now God's my Senior Partner, and such a pleasure to do business.

Sweet Lord you worked through Father John, to get me where I am
Now please return the favor, and use me in Your plan,
See You must forget Lord, when You busted up my party
The bodyguard You came in with ... was Father John Corapi!!

To listen to Fr. John Corapi's latest statement, click here.



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  • I have noticed, over many years, that whenever we get a strong, stand-up, "in your face with the truth" priest, eventually, someone shoots him down. We need stronger bishops. I am reminded of the old joke (not so true now, but certainly in past decades), "How many cardinals does it take to make a bishop? Answer: Three. Two to hold him down, and the third to remove his spine."

  • Oh Augustin! I might have to use that joke even though it's very, very, bad! ;-) Thank you!

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