Where And When Do You Pray?

Where and when do you pray?  Do you have a set time and place?  A little corner of the house where you have access to a Bible, journal and a rosary?  (Women are probably nodding yes right now and men are shaking their heads no!)

It's a good idea to have a corner to go to that's specifically set up for prayer time.  We should have conversations with God on a daily basis.  It's like any relationship in our lives that needs to be taken care of with communication.  However, I have found a new place.
More and more I find myself praying in this place whether I'm at work or alone at home and I'm not sure how it started, but I've been doing it for some time.  And even though I've tried, I can't seem to stop.

Yep, the bathroom!  As soon as I shut the door, I am whispering to God, asking questions, praying for a friend asking for a blessing in a situation.  What am I doing?

At first I didn't even realize I was even doing it and when I did, I was horrified!  "I'm so sorry Lord," I would groan.  "I won't do it anymore!"  But the next trip, as soon as the door shut, the prayers would automatically start and I would find myself apologizing ... again!  How did this happen?
At work I can understand it.  The bathroom is the only place that affords some solitude, but at home?  Most of the time, when I'm off, I'm by myself.  Either everyone is out working or sleeping and the house is quiet.  Yet, I still do it.
Since I've tried to stop with no success, the only thing I can think of is that the Lord realizes that once that door closes, He has my full attention!

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