unPLANNED by Abby Johnson

I read Abby Johnson's book, unPLANNED.  It is a rare look at the abortion issue from both sides of the "fence."  As a young college girl, she volunteered for Planned Parenthood and rose through the ranks (even getting an Employee of the Year Award) of the organization in her eight years there.

Abby grows from that naive young college girl (with a few buried secrets of her own) into the director of the clinic.  She is passionate about women and their health care, but she struggles with late-term abortions.  In her own mind, it's where she has drawn the line.
She also struggles with her relationship with God.  Her efforts to find a church where she and her family can worship take her story into some interesting twists.  Having left a couple of churches, I understand how painful it can be.

Abby's perceptions of the Pro-Life movement while she works for Planned Parenthood are very insightful.  I had never thought of some of the things she mentions.  One of the glaring ones, is that just because all those people are outside of the clinic either praying or waving signs doesn't mean they are "together."

And when Abby has her epiphany moment everything starts to happen very fast and she finds herself in the arms of her former "frenemies."
I enjoyed this book.  Abby Johnson is honest and forthright about her own past and her struggles with her work and faith.  She really did want to make a difference at her clinic and by leaving it, she has.

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