On a Mission from God

The other day I picked up my 12-string guitar from Old Town School of Folk Music after having it restrung.  When I got home, I took it out of the case and played a few chords.  My eyes filled with tears.  It had been a long time.

There's a scene in the Blues Brothers' movie where they decide to get the band back together to save the Catholic home where they were raised.  They "are on a mission from God."  It's kind of how I felt on Saturday when our choir played at a Memorial Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on the south side.  Coincidentally, across the church is Pilgrim Baptist Church where one of the famous scenes in the Blues Brothers' movie was filmed.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is also the home of the Shrine of St. Jude.

There's something uniquely special about playing music with other people especially when you play at Mass.  We are not your typical choir.  The music comes first, but we have a great time together.  The friendships that have come out of the ministry have been an extra blessing.

Saturday's Mass went very well.  Amazingly though, it was like no time had passed since we were last together.  With practice and knowing each other the way we do, it all came together.
Perhaps Our Lady has opened a window.  An invitation was extended to return and do a morning Mass.
We'll see what Our Lord has planned for us.  We still might be on a mission from God.

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