My Reminders of Faith

I arrived at work one day and while I was getting ready to start, I looked down and noticed I forgot my "Hail Mary" ring that I always wear.  I was in the bathroom washing my hands and when I realized its absence, I gripped the sink and began to pray!  I know it sounds like a bit of an over reaction, but not wearing that ring (especially at work) makes me feel vulnerable and unprotected.

Symbols are huge for me.  They remind me of my faith whenever I look at them and they help me to focus on my beliefs when I'm having a tough time.  But my recent reaction at work disturbed me a little.  Was I too dependent on a symbol?  For me, wearing symbols of faith on a daily basis are just part of my life and routine.  I reach for them instinctively and without thinking.  There will be many times when I don't wear anything and go about my day and I never give it a second thought. I also have everything blessed.  One priest jokingly told me that I had TOO many crosses, after bringing in yet another one for a blessing.  I laughed and said, "No Father, you can NEVER have too many crosses!"  He agreed.

My passion for jewelry also fuels my symbols.  I'm always looking for that piece that's distinctly different and has an edge.  But I also have the cherished antique pieces that have been handed down to me.

I Hail Mary my way through everything so I take comfort in the fact that I have the tools of prayer to back up that ring otherwise, well, it's just a ring.

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