What Would Mother Teresa Give Up For Lent?

Out of the blue, my daughter asks, "What do you think Mother Teresa gave up for Lent?"
Mm ...  I wonder what the Pope gave up for Lent.  The Bishops.  Nuns.  Priests.  Most priests I know give up sweets during Lent because of growing waist lines!
We see clergy and religious as following all the rules anyway and if they've taken vows, what's left to give up?
Once I was speaking with a nun and she told me, "Don't think I have it easy because of my vocation.  I struggle just like you do."
It seems odd to me that you would dedicate your life to Jesus and take vows of poverty and chastity and then still have something left to give up for Lent!  But I imagine that the urge to gossip, eat too much, smoke or even drink could be a barrier to one's faith.  The outside world still beckons regardless of your calling.
In our current climate of scandal and accusations, during this Lent might be a good time to pray for our religious so that they will be strong in the face of temptations whether it be a piece of chocolate, a cigarette, a drink or something much more troubling.

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