Statement of Santa Cruz Media Inc. on Fr. John Corapi

In a statement released by Santa Cruz Media Inc. (the company who owns Fr. John Corapi DVD's, CD's and books), a light was shed on the circumstances surrounding accusations that Father was taking drugs and having sexual relationships with women.  Can you say "former employee?"

After losing her job with the company, a woman assaulted two employees of Santa Cruz Media Inc. and threatened to "destroy" Fr. Corapi.  The Bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas bought into this mess and put Father on administrative leave.  EWTN won't show RERUNS of Father's talks and Relevant Radio has dropped his programs.
You can watch Fr. Corapi on YouTube.  He is a fiery priest with rock star status in the church.  His autobiography is scheduled to come out in August and it promises a story not even Hollywood could come up with!  Father didn't become a priest until he was in his early forties.  Before that he was a successful businessman, who's life was filled with money, cars, drugs, women and uh, sitting in a closet with a fully loaded Uzi submachine gun determined to use it!

I have watched Father preach on television and listened to him on the radio. I am looking forward to his book. The announcement of his administrative leave shook me up more then I expected.  When I read the statement from Santa Cruz Media Inc. I realized that his could happen to any priest.

In the short time that I have been at my job, four disgruntled employees have been fired.  One woman and three men.  The woman and one of the men were stealing and were caught.  Both had complained of reduced hours so I have a feeling the stealing came from an attitude that the company owed them.  The other two men got in a heated argument with the boss and made threats.
One of the men who had made threats was a big teddy bear of a guy.  He was kind and fun to work with, but his personal life fell apart which led him to make some very bad decisions.  Had he not made a threat, he probably would still be there and to be honest, I don't think this man would have hurt a fly, but it wasn't my call.  It broke my heart that he was fired and I pray that he's gotten his life back together.
We live in a time where people making threats is almost a commonality.  I'm a firm believer in being on the side of caution, but the Bishop putting Fr. Corapi on administrative leave, Relevant Radio dropping his programs and EWTN not even showing reruns of him is just wrong.
In Father's own statement he said he will cooperate with the process.  Since the accusations were announced on Ash Wednesday, it appears it's going to be a long Lent.


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  • I too have benefited from listening to Fr. John Corapi.
    The information that is being passed on the internet is both detraction and bordering on calumny.
    You have incorrect info on your blog post here. The bishop of Corpus Christi did not ask him to step down. He was placed on administrative leave from his superiors in his own religious order, SOLT.
    You run the risk of impuning the Church by assigning some kind of role to the bishop that had no part in this.
    It's best to just pray and stay out of the fray until all all the facts are in.

  • In reply to delfil:

  • In reply to delfil:

    Did you ever sign a contract that you barely read? Did you ever play a game in which you did not really know the rules?

    The majority of Catholics are in this predicament. We really do not KNOW most of the Church

  • In reply to BUSTER:

    Unfortunately people don't even go to church, so expect them to read the Catechism is a bit of a stretch!

  • In reply to BUSTER:

    When people speak of The Catechism of The Catholic Church they should realize that slander is wrong the 8th commandment is very clear about false witness. Father John Corapi has been slandered publicly and to state otherwwise is contrary to the truth. Suspending him without ample evidence is wrong. EWTN is wrong he is innocent till PROVEN guilty. By not airing is programs EWTN as made the assumption of guilt till proven innocent. Speculating on whether he is innocent or guilty is wrong. Father John Corapi is Innocent till proven guilty. end of story.....

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