Nine Words And Heaven

I read an amazing article in the National Catholic Register by Jennifer Fulwiler entitled, "The Nine Words That Make Christianity Make Sense."  Out of all the articles I've read by Catholic writers and bloggers, this one truly blew me away!  She also references Peter Kreeft's excellent article, "Heaven."
Ms. Fulwiler points out that in Genesis 3:19 it states "you are dust and to dust you shall return." And regardless of how it is phrased it is something Christians and non-Christians alike can agree upon.  Our bodies will no longer exist and that this state of being is all there is and ever will be making Christianity nonsensical.  
But here is the part of the article that I loved best:
"But to hear those words is to have your priorities instantly ordered. It is to realize that all those questions about what happens here on earth--"How could God allow suffering?", "Why does God permit injustice?"--are focused in the wrong place. We have a few short years here in the material world, and then we face eternity. A God who permits a finite amount of suffering and injustice doesn't seem so cold when you consider that he's leading us toward an eternity of perfect peace and justice. The incalculable value of Jesus' death on the cross can only begin to be understood in light of a timeless future. When we adopt a heaven-centered worldview, it all starts to make sense."

She figured it out!  I have long wondered about suffering and why God "allows" it.  I struggled between fearing it, curiosity about it and why some of us suffer and some don't.  Now I see it as our pathway to heaven.

I truly love my life and my family, but as I get older and the years seem to go by like a speeding train, I realize how short our time in this life is.
To answer Peter Kreeft's question "Quo vadis?," my answer is definitely HEAVEN!

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