Modern Day Spiritual Attacks

Jennifer Fulwiler's article of March 30 in the National Catholic Register about spiritual attack sent me reeling!  She is so right about this and yet it is rarely talked about.

Fr. John Corapi's current situation and Anne Rice's conversion and then rejection of the church are prime examples of spiritual attack.
In my own journey I have experienced spiritual attacks.  This particular experience was not only physical, but shared.
I was at a prayer meeting and a very sick child was brought in to be prayed over.  We had done this before so we fell into the routine of gathering around and laying our hands on the child.  When we were finished with the prayers, we had fellowship time and eventually went home.

I only lived a couple of blocks away, but I drove because it was later in the evening.  As I drove down the alley toward my house, I had trouble seeing.  I kept rubbing my eyes, but it was getting harder and harder to see clearly.  As I pulled the car into the garage, I saw the familiar "aura" in my right eye which signaled a migraine.

I ran from the garage and into the house and frantically started looking for a paper bag (my home remedy for migraines).  I finally found one, covered my mouth and nose and started to breathe.  After a while my vision cleared and I only had some mild pain rather then the dibilitating pain that I usually experienced.
The next day I called one of the leaders of our prayer group and only in passing did I tell her what happened to me concerning the migraine.  She got very quiet.  When I asked her what was wrong, she told me that several people had experienced some kind of physical reaction after praying over the baby and she didn't know what was wrong.  Her concern got me worried and she agreed to call me back if she figured it out.
When she did call me she told me what she thought had happened and at our next meeting we all shared our stories.
Our group had a pretty structured routine when praying over anyone who wanted prayer.  BEFORE we touched anyone we would pray:  Lord, we ask your Precious Blood Protection on all of us and if there's anything here that isn't of You, from You or for You, we take authority over it in the name of Jesus and we bind it and rebuke it to the foot of Your Cross, Amen.
That was the prayer we inadvertently skipped that evening and as a result, the majority of us had had a physical reaction afterward.  It was extraordinary!
From then on, we were very careful before praying over anyone.  Though it was a frightening experience, it was an experience and lesson well-learned and I have never forgotten it.

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