Fat Tuesday, Chocolate Paczkis, Facebook And Lent

I stare at the last chocolate covered, custard filled paczki (pronounced "poonch-key") and sigh.  I'm a chocolate fanatic and lately I've indulged that weakness quite a bit.
At our last Girl's Night Out I had my first chocolate martini.  Later that night I wrote on my facebook wall that if they don't serve them in heaven, I'm not going!
Last week I had dinner with a friend and for dessert we shared a hot fudge sundae that we kept pushing back and forth and saying, "No!  You eat the rest!"  Guess who ate the rest?
Then I bought the paczkis thinking I would only eat half of one.  That didn't quite work out either.  Then I watched my husband scrape the chocolate off of one them!  I nearly fainted!  I have to eat them to save the waste!
I know it's silly, but to those of us who love chocolate, it's the logical choice to give it up for Lent.  Sometimes I think it would be easier to give up shopping, but that might be a whole other issue.
Speaking of other issues, my daughter deactivated her facebook page.  We talked about her giving that up for Lent.  For a young person this might be the equivalent to withdrawal from a powerful drug and I reminded her that Lent was forty days.  We'll see if she can make it through the night!
Lent is a time to sacrifice the things we love so we can cleanse the soul and be ready to greet our Lord Easter Sunday in our purist form.  Then I might need a little sustenance.

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