Elizabeth Taylor's True Legacy

When Elizabeth Taylor died on March 23, I remembered an interview that I saw with her.  She talked about why she had been married so many times.  In her day, if you slept with a man, you married him - period.  I grew up in the fifties and sixties and she's right.  If a relationship had gone as far as having sex, the assumption was that you would get married.  At least on the part of the woman.
Men usually don't think like that.  Sex is sex and they don't necessarily view it as a bonding or intimate experience that leads to marriage.
The Catholic Church is often criticized for it's beliefs on abstinence.  Despite the vast amount of diseases spreading around, people (especially young people) think that they'll just take a pill and they'll move on with their life.  Even the advances in AIDS research has brought us to a point where the attitude is, if I get sick, I'll just take my cocktail of drugs and still live my life.
But what about our psyche?  What about our hearts?  What about are very souls?  Are there pills to heal our broken hearts when the relationship blows up in our faces?  Is there a cocktail that will give confidence to move on after being cheated on and abused?  Do we get healthier by giving our bodies away to different partners or do we start following a pattern of systematic self-abuse?
Elizabeth Taylor's films might not be her only legacy, or her work for AIDS awareness, but in the many relationships she had.

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