The Faces of the Faithful

After communion, as I kneel in prayer, I find my mind wandering.  If there's something weighing on my mind, I can remain in prayer until the priest takes a seat.  But most times, I find myself, well, people watching.
There are times when I've admired a handbag a woman carried or I'm intrigued by a religious pendant someone is wearing and probably hasn't taken off since they made their First Communion.  But it's the faces of those who have just received Our Lord that fascinate me the most.
There's the older woman slowly coming down the aisle, her head bent, eyes downcast, hands clasped, so deep in communion with Our Lord, that she seems unaware of her surroundings.  Or the young mother, holding her toddler's hand and pregnant with another baby, trying to focus on Our Lord and her rambunctious child all at the same time.
Then there's the children who come down the aisle looking at the ceiling and trying not to "chew."
Occasionally, I'll see a familiar face, smile and flash the peace sign.
Next time at Mass, if I find my myself people watching, I'm going to pray for the intentions of those I'm watching.  Their show of faith inspires me and it's the least I can do for them.

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