Catholic Or Jersey Shore?

When our god child made her First Holy Communion, my husband and I gave her a beautiful rosary.  I thought it would look pretty around her neck for the professional pictures that were being taken, but when her mother brought her to the photographer, one of the teachers made her take it off.  She was only allowed to hold it in her hand for the photographs.  Her mom and I were not happy, but we decided this was not a prudent time to discuss the matter.
I thought of this the other day as I was running around doing errands and I saw several people (men and women) wearing rosaries.  I wanted to ask if they were Catholic and if they actually said the prayers or was this a fashion statement reflecting some of the reality shows currently on television.  I didn't have the chutzpah, so to speak to ask.
I've said before that I have a passion for jewelry and I usually wear a cross on a daily basis.  I have quite a collection of them.  But I've never felt compelled to wear a rosary and I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's too long.  I'd probably get it caught on something.  I have seen them in a more necklace length, but I'm still not motivated to wear one.  I do have medals and rings of Our Lady that I do wear.
It's interesting that someone in our Church would disallow wearing an integral tool of our faith as an adornment.  I suppose the reality show clowns have spoiled it for us.  That's too bad.
Years ago I heard Mother Angelica speak about this very thing.  I don't remember her exact words, but she said something like, "If you really want to get the "old boy" mad, wear a rosary around your neck!"
If it's good enough for Mother, I might have to add a piece to my collection!

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