The Merry-Go-Round of Stupidity

I was talking to my daughter the other day about her plans for the future and it got me thinking about all the young people out there that are hopefully making their own plans.
I know you don't want to listen to me, but I hope you will.  As a young woman, I had dreams and I let them get derailed.  It was a different time of course, most of my friends got married right out of high school or you went to college to look for a husband!  But you might be making the same mistakes that I made and that so many young people do.
If you're in college, stay there and finish.  If you have a dream, a passion or a talent, follow it, but make sure you have Plan B, Plan C and even D in case things aren't working out the way you thought.  If you're dating that's all fine and healthy, but don't let that other person be your world.  Carve out a life for yourself and you will be much more attractive to others.
This one will be hard:  loose the dead weight in your life.  That means "friends."  There are people out there that you call your friend, but they don't want you to get ahead in life and they especially don't want you to pass them by.  You know who they are.  All you have to do is fade into the background.  You're just not available anymore.  Life is too short to be around people who are not healthy for you.
Speaking of dead weight:  You're dead weight if you don't have a job, you're not in school, you sleep all day, hang out with other people just like you at night and don't have any intentions of going to school or getting a job.  I have a news flash for you.  Mommy and Daddy may put up with you but the world sees you as you are:  a loser. 
Make room for religion in your life.  I know it's not very cool or chic to be religious in these times.  It wasn't in my time either, but you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't nuture your soul.  Take the time to pray daily and ask God for guidance in your life.  Listen for Him.  Read His Word.  If you are Catholic attend Mass and say the rosary.  If you are troubled over something or someone, seek out counseling whether it's clergy, a school counselor or a trusted adult.  You might have very good friends who can help you through this, but you need an outsider to help you get through some of the muck that might be clouding your judgment.  It will create a balance.
Cherish your family - even the annoying brother/sister/mother/father.  Try to establish adult relationships with them.  Go out for dinner and have a conversation either one on one or all of them.  Have fun.  Create good memories.  Let everyone see you as the marvelous young adult that you are!
We all make mistakes.  When you do, learn from it, forgive yourself, don't do it again (!) and move on.  We're here to learn and contribute to this wonderful world we've been given and we can't do that if we're on a merry-go-round of stupidity!
Finally, I will pray for you.  I'm excited for you.  This can be a great time in your life if you work at it and take care of yourself.
In today's Gospel reading, Jesus says, "Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature."  You might not be called to do that, but you can live it and sometimes actions speak way louder then words!

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