Still Catholic After All These Years

One of my co-workers came bursting into our break room with the announcement that a new age dvd (which included the secrets of life free of charge!) had changed her life!  She went on and on about this amazing new journey she was on.  I listened to her patiently and then got out of there!
It's been awhile since she's made that announcement and she hasn't brought it up since.  I'm tempted to ask her the Dr. Phil question, "How's that workin' for you?"  But I think I already know the answer.
Faith, any faith, should be a profound life-changing experience.  When I got interested in the Catholic church, I made changes in my life immediately.  Suddenly I had tools!  I had the Word of God at my fingertips, I had community, I had my rosary, I began a prayer life to start my relationship with God.  I started RCIA classes, became baptized, made my first communion and was confirmed.  I left my old life in the past and I rarely looked back.
Thirty years later I find myself still Catholic.  I still read the Bible, I attend Mass regularly, I have a husband, children and good friends who I share my faith with.  My life is hardly problem-free, but it's not the life I led before I became Catholic.  Sometimes a new struggle will start and I will wrestle with it.  When I finally have some clarity, I turn to God in deep regret, ask his forgiveness for my craziness and move on.
When I do look back on my old life, it's like looking at a different person.  That person no longer exists.  She quietly faded away and in her place is the person I am now and I thank God that He finally reached me and gave me the opportunity to marry a good man and have great kids.  That was not in my plan before I became Catholic and my life would be so hollow without them.

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