Prayers for Da Bears!

From Suzy (stolen from Don):

Our Father, Who art in Chicago, football be thy game. Thy championship come, thy play be run, at home as it is aways! Give us this day our Sunday win, and forgive us our turnovers, though we pounce on those who turnover against us, and lead us not into fourth and long, but deliver us from Rogers! In the name of Ditka, Butkus and the Holy Payton! As it was in 1985, so shall it be in 2011, reign without end, AMEN!!!

From Suzy (borrowed from Tom):

Our Father, who art in Chicago, football be the game. Let Forte run, another Superbowl run won, on earth as it is in Soldier Field. Give us Sunday a playoff victory and forgive us our penalties, as we defeat the Packers who play against us, and lead us not into the late season and deliver us to Texas. For thine is the D-line, Urlacher, Briggs, Tillman, Hester and Peppers forever...Amen!!!!!

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