Hello Lord, I'm Listening!

I attended a retreat given by a nun who lamented the fact that she wasn't hearing God in her life.  Then she realized why.  Her world was bombarded with noise.  The noise at work, the noise at home and the noise in her car.  It occurred to her that she couldn't hear Our Lord unless she turned something off!  So she decided to stop listening to the radio in her car.
It seems like a small thing.  Especially for me.  I'm not in my car for long periods of time.  My commute to work is 15 minutes.  My errands take me in spurts from point A to point B and back home, but I decided to turn the radio off.  The oldies were getting, well, old and someone else yammering in my head wasn't getting me anywhere either.
Instead, I found myself praying.  If I were on my way to work, I would ask God's Precious Blood Protection on my workplace, on all of my co-workers, that we wouldn't harm anyone, and no one would harm us.  I would say a binding prayer that if anyone wasn't of Him, from Him or for Him that I would bind them to the foot of His cross and that He do with them what He willed.
If I were just running errands I would pray the Precious Blood Protection on my car and it's parts so I woudn't harm anyone and no one would harm me.  Or I would just quietly reflect mostly in gratitude for the many blessings I have.
I haven't experienced any booming voice that reveals some profound revelation in my life nor do I expect to.  But I have found that those moments in prayer have given me an unexpected "alone" time with my God that I look forward to.  And that has given me a new strength in faith when I have to meet those challenges when I get outside of my car.

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