Apparently being sick for a few days has left me in the dark on the latest "attack" on the Catholic church.  Doritos.
A very nice young man asked me on my Facebook if I was going to address the pulling of the Doritos ad from the Superbowl because it was offensive to Catholics.  Huh?  Google quickly led me to the video in question.
My first thought after seeing it was:  "It's not a Catholic church."  There was no stained glass, but plain windows with curtains.  There were no stations of the cross and not a crucifix to be found!  The "clergy" are wearing Roman collars, but there are ministers who are not Catholic who also wear the collar. 
The clergy in the video decide that to boost attendence they will serve Doritos (your choice of flavor) and Pepsi (even zero calorie offered) for communion and a sign is put out front of the church to advertise this.  The flock comes in droves.
I was a Eucharistic Minister for many years.  When we were trained, we were told that a communicant could "dip" the Host in the Blood of Christ if they didn't want to receive the cup by mouth.  I immediately blurted out to the priest, "But Our Lord is not a Dunkin' Donut!"  I was patiently told that the Church allows it, but I cringe to this day when I see it.
When you make fun of things that are sacred to other people it creates controversy.  The Catholic Church is an easy target these days, but Protestants should be offended as well.  We differ in our belief in the Real Presence, but chips and soda for communion?  Now you have mocked the core of Christian faith.
Frito-Lay's Public Relations Director issued the following statement to on January 3:
"I work for Frito-Lay and wanted to clarify that the above-discussed video was an entry in the Crash the Super Bowl contest where consumers were asked to submit ads for Doritos or Pepsi MAX with the chance of airing on the Super Bowl broadcast. The video was not created by Doritos or Pepsi MAX.
We announced our 10 finalists this morning, and I wanted to let you know that the above video is not included in the finalist group. This means that it will not air during the Super Bowl and will not be a part of any other Doritos or Pepsi MAX marketing programs in the future."
The fact that the video didn't make it to the finalists is a good thing.  That in itself will probably save FritoLay from a lot of negative publicity and a possible boycott of their products.  (We don't drink soda at my house, but there are a few bags of chips laying around!)
We really have to go back to Jesus' own words on this.  Words that made some of his own disciples so uncomfortable, they stopped following him.
"I am the bread of life.  My flesh is true food and my blood is true drink.  Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood abide in me, and I in them." (John 6.35, 55-56, Catholic Women's Devotional Bible, NRSV).

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