Crossing Paths

My daughter told me not long ago how she has many friends of different faiths and they are all curious about each other's beliefs.  Ah youth!
I have found that I no longer have that curiosity.  I guess after years of searching and reading different books, once I found what I was looking for, nothing else seemed to matter.  I run into people all the time in different stages of their journey and even if we share Christian beliefs, I just don't feel the need to ask a lot of questions of them.
I have a co-worker that occasionally comes to me for advice.  She is Christian, but I couldn't tell you what denomination.  She knows I'm Catholic, but she also knows that sometimes I understand her dilemmas and she needs a fresh perspective on what she needs to do.  I try to be careful on the advice I give her.  At times, I feel God putting the words in my mouth and after our conversations, I walk away in bewilderment, thinking to myself, "Where did that come from?"  Sometimes we cross paths for a reason.
When I worked a Christmas season at a large retailer I ran into many people of different faiths.  Most were open about their beliefs and we would sometimes talk about our journey in faith.  I would occasionally get the "trick" questions about my relationship with Jesus Christ, but I would smile and try to give the "right" answer and if I didn't, I would listen patiently as I was gently chided on the error of my ways.  I tried to put it into the perspective that maybe the Lord wanted me to hear something for a reason and that this person had something to contribute to my faith.
One day, during that time, one of the women I worked with, stopped me and pulled me aside.  She needed discernment on a couple of decisions she had to make and wanted my input.  I told her what I thought should be her priorities.  After we talked, she smiled at me.  "I know what I have to do now, thank you!"  It felt good that I was able to clear up some things for her.  Even after all this time, I think of those people with great fondness and I hope the Lord is blessing their lives.
So maybe I'm not curious, but I'm open to who the Lord puts in my path and what they might have to offer me in my journey.
And I hope that the Lord guides my mouth when helping out a fellow Christian!

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