Arizona Shootings/Chicago Shootings

Since the shootings in Arizona the media has been in an absolute tizzy over who's to blame.  It always amazes me how an act of violence by a disturbed individual can be turned into a political forum.  Our political pundits and media hounds practically salivate over who's to blame.  Have we gotten that far away from personal responsibility?
When I read about the victims, my heart broke, especially for the nine year old little girl who was born on September 11.  No child should be gunned down while visiting an event outside a grocery store.  Yet in Chicago not a day goes by that you don't read about a child who has been gunned down outside their own home or shot while sitting playing a video game in the presumed safety of their own home.  The mayoral candidates here in Chicago are only now releasing a few ads and making comments about what they will do if they are mayor to stop the violence.  Where was the outrage all last summer?
The parents of the alleged shooter issued a brief statement, but the media is already swarming around them and speculation about their family life is already being questioned.
Being Catholic when this kind of stuff hits the airwaves makes me drop to my knees in prayer.  It's not about politics.  It's about what we are doing to each other.
And then, finally, through the whole mess, the "m" word was mentioned.  Miracle.  Doctors began to use the word to describe Gabrielle Giffords' beginnings of recovery.  Suddenly out of the whole mess came God's Light.

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