A Moment of Silence ... for the Bears?

Not really.  I spotted the Tribune's Friday, January 14 article on the injunction that lifts the ban on the "moment of silence" in public schools.  I remember when I was in public high school and our principal had suddenly become seriously ill.  A moment of silence was requested in the auditorium where seniors gathered every morning.  Some knucklehead decided to raise his fist in an act of defiance or just plain stupidity.  His moronic grin said more then his raised fist could ever say.
Catholic schools start every morning in prayer and when my husband was in school, each school day was started with Mass.  If taken seriously, I don't think a moment of silence is a bad thing, but I don't think high school kids take this kind of thing very seriously.  High school is a social venue first and foremost with most kids and getting through the 1st period test or trying to get your homework done in time for 4th period is uppermost in most kids' minds.  I don't think grammar school kids really care either.
If you are from a religious home, you might want to start your day in prayer in the privacy of your own home.  You might take the time to pray before starting your day or you might say a few prayers on the bus or "L" or even while driving to school.
When I was a kid, a moment of silence in school was only reserved for those dire moments in history.  I remember vividly being in the sixth grade and hearing that President Kennedy had been assassinated.  Our homeroom teacher was returning from teaching another class when she told us the news.  I remember her looking pale and shocked as she asked that we bow our heads in prayer for our President and our country.  I did, but I also saw the boy next to me smirk and refuse to comply.
We seem to have lost the ability to be reverent.  Kids in school will take a moment of silence to gather their thoughts and begin their day because it was taught to them that it's important.
Others will be watching for their next text message.


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  • "we seem to have lost the ability to be reverent." On that I agree with you.

    Though I wonder, if that knucklehead with the moronic grin doesn't look back on that morning from time to time and wish he could take it back.

  • I can only hope that he regrets his action and take it back. Thanks for the comment!

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