Girls Night Out

When I really want to learn something and restore my soul, I do what a lot of women do:  Girls Night Out.  We get together once a month.
We are wives, mothers, daughters, daughters-in-law and aunts.  We were drawn together by our grade school children and participation in school and church activities.  Those children are in college now and they still get together during the Christmas break.
There are six of us.  One is a kindergarten teacher (who should be beatified immediately!), one is completing her Masters degree, two take a Latin class together once a week and work full time in long-time careers.  And one has suffered unimaginable loss, but has managed to experience joy in healing and reconcilliation.  And me?  Awestruck in the company of the other five.
I've had the privilege of standing next to two of the women to sing at Mass and when we were reunited at a funeral, the three of us fell into the old routine and our voices soared from the pew to the point where the people turned to look.
After our dinner, one of the ladies brought presents.  Not just ordinary presents, but gifts that once belonged to her mother-in-law who passed away two years ago.
We set the date for next month and one of us will pick the restaurant.  Another evening of good food and company to look forward to.
I have been truly blessed when it comes to the women in my life.  Our Blessed Mother knew how much I needed good women in my life, so she interceded to her Son on my behalf to bring me only the best.

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