Was Jesus Funny?

When Jesus walked this earth, do you think he was funny?  I know it's an odd question, but sometimes I wonder.

The Gospels are pretty dry and straightforward.  There are no back stories of what might be happening behind the scenes.  There are no moments of camaraderie.   But I wonder if our Lord didn't have a sense of humor, would anyone have followed Him for three years?  Would anyone even want to be around Him?  Would the "little children" have come to Him if  He hadn't smiled at them? I bring this up because I think as His people, we've lost our sense of humor.

Our Church and Her people have suffered much in the wake of the scandal.  Nothing about that is funny, nor is our economy.  I understand that we have forty days of Lent which is a solemn time to reflect before the burst of the joyous celebration of Easter.    But what happened to the other 325 days of the liturgical year?

Advent of course, is a time of celebration, but what happened to "ordinary time?"  Is it really all that ordinary?  Shouldn't the every day be celebrated as well? If we want to attract people to the Catholic faith or bring back those who have been hurt I think we're going to need to smile.  I think we're going to have to celebrate every time we go to Mass.

Otherwise, no one's going to want to be around us.


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    For Thousands of years Gnostic Christians have celebrated the 'Laughing Christ'! Now all of the sudden the Ecclesiae Romanum has decided it has
    discovered Our Lords wit united with His Wisdom. Interesting but to us, unimpressive. I aver all of you who seek the Truth to study the ancient Gospels of the Gnostics to learn the earliest 'unedited' record of Our Lords
    contempt for THIS WORLD, its leaders then, now and to come as these, yes all these Kingdoms and Governances aretruley fallen , so to speak.
    For the Gnostic, Our Lord laugh's at the folly of this worlds Wisdom and claims to power.
    Laugh on Lord, Laugh on, through our tears here below we do laugh with you!
    Tau Harmonius II
    Primat Bishop of North America
    Eglise Gnostique Apostolique/Ecclesea Gnostica Apostolica

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