Rock And Roll

Music is an integral part of our tradition in the Catholic church.  We have some beautiful hymns that have been a part of our history and we have some newer music as well.
When it comes to music for mass, the church is a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock and roll.  I like a bit of a beat to tap my foot to and I love the swell of voices as we rock out of church on the last hymn!
Mm ... havent' heard that kind of music in church?  It's rare.  Our little band of  joy used to do it every week.  My husband would take a traditional hymn and put his unique spin on it.  Or he'd take a modern pop song, eliminate some of the words and we'd have the perfect communion song.  The people loved it!  But the powers that be saw fit to eliminate us, or as my husband says, "the idiot in charge."
Okay, stand back as the lightening comes crashing through my banner looking for my better half!
Seriously, though, I've been to a lot of churches where the music is, well, stuffy.  I've heard choir directors half my age plow through a song like they were at a funeral mass every weekend.  It was depressing!  I've been constantly reminded of the numerous degrees of choir directors who couldn't carry a tune in a designer briefcase to literally save their soul!  Or added so much flowery additives to the melody that the people couldn't follow to sing the song!  Dear Lord, save us from ourselves!
But I've also been to mass where the music was a bit more lively and I found my foot tapping or the musician had the latest electronics at his/her fingertips and used them to their full advantage.  Ahh!  My spirit soars and my faith is renewed!
Playing and singing in church is a big responsibility.  You are there to help feed the people.  The music should come from your heart, spirit and love of our Lord, not the piece of paper that says you can sing and play.  The congregation should leave with that final hymn on their lips.
And if that's not happening, contact me.  I'll send my husband over.

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