One Day

A few weeks ago, news of the fire that destroyed Eva's Bridal brought back memories of my own wedding twenty-eight years ago.  I remember thinking at the time that I was NOT going to freak out over anything.  No matter what.
Of course, I didn't lose my dress in a fire and the only real snafu was our wedding rings weren't ready so the jeweler came to our house and dropped off replacements until ours arrived.  Most brides would probably flip out over that, but I was determined to enjoy the day.  After all, it was the marriage and the years ahead that were important to me and my husband.
The wedding is one day, the first day, of your marriage.  As brides we get caught up in the dress and the party and making sure everything is "perfect," but what about the days ahead?  Does anybody plan for the perfect life?  Or do we just assume everything will be "happily ever after?"
Years ago I had a friend who's husband left her after six weeks of marriage.  My friend was Catholic and she was devastated over the break up of her marriage.  She went to mass on a regular basis (though her fiance and then husband never went with her) so she sought out a priest for counselling.  At first he wanted her husband to attend the sessions, but when the priest learned that the husband had already set up housekeeping with another woman, he arranged to start the annullment process for my friend.
If both bride and groom are Catholic sign up for pre-Cana classes.  And if you haven't gone to church, start making it a part of your routine.  If only one of you is Catholic, sign up for pre-Cana and try and be open to the Church and it's teachings.  The last thing you need is for the Church to be an issue between the two of you.
With the divorce rate so high maybe the planning of the big day should be put on hold until the planning of real life has been thought out.  I know.  We plan, God laughs.  But that one day is nothing in the scheme of things.  Sadly there are no guarantees, but maybe with a little planning and God's help you can look back on that one day and think it was only the beginning of an almost perfect life together.

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